Arabic Voice Over Services

As an established Arabic voice-over agency, our voice-over artists cover a whole range of styles from drama, commercials and corporate to films IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and narrations, etc.

When choosing a professional Arabic voice over artist for a project, it will be necessary to know which specific dialect is needed, unlike some other languages where linguistic communication is standardised.

Arabic as a language comes in many different dialects, and each of these dialects is region-specific. All our Arabic voice-over artists are native speakers and only work in their regional dialect.

Our Arabic Voice Over Packages

  • Arabic E-learning
  • Arabic Mobile Content
  • Arabic Documentary Narration
  • Arabic Macromedia Flash Presentations
  • Arabic Radio Ads
  • Arabic TV Commercials
  • Arabic In-flight Entertainment
  • Arabic Corporate Training Videos
  • Arabic Audio Books
  • Arabic Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Egyptian Arabic is often considered a neutral accent to use for voice over, due to the influence of Egyptian film and other media.  If you are targeting a specific country however, we can provide an Arabic voice over artist who is native to that region.

As well as providing Arabic voice-over artists, our Arabic voice-over service also include transcription, translation, proofreading, recording, editing and audio syncing in Arabic.

We offer a selection of the very best Arabic voice recording services, and each project will receive the creative attention it deserves to be successful in the target market at a price you can afford.

Multilingual Voice-Over Services

Lingo Service Translations also offer professional multilingual voice over services in Arabic, French, German, Spanish and Italian. This service is ideal for e-learning, presentations, health and safety training courses, website video content and recorded messages, such as greetings and menu selections.

We provide a complete start-to-finish multilingual voice over service, including everything from the initial voice-over translation through to the production of the final video ready to publish.

The translation itself is just part of this service; our experienced team will work with you to fully understand your project and effectively manage the workflow from concept to completion.  Our ultimate aim is to facilitate your communication objectives, ensuring quality and punctuality.  In addition to Arabic translations, we also provide Arabic subtitling, Arabic print materials and Arabic voice-over services.

Our bilingual project managers enable our clients to work with their own choice of voice over talent or recording facilities.

We will strive to accommodate whatever level of voice over service you require using a style to match your source material.

We cover a broad range of Arabic dialects and regional accents, whilst working closely with our clients, negotiating each project on its own merits.

Our trained professionals provide an important second opinion, giving you the confidence that your Arabic voice track is delivered with the appropriate accent, diction and tone.

Our Arabic voiceover team will handle everything from multilingual transcreation, subtitle creation to video and sound engineering. Your project is matched to the most suitable translator with the relevant expertise to translate your document professionally.


Lingo Service prides itself in offering competitive rates in the shortest possible time.