We Specialise in Arabic Translation

We are a Professional Translation Agency department within Lingo Service Translations and for the last 10 years we’ve specialised in Arabic Translation, Arabic Interpreting, Arabic Localisation and Arabic Voice-Over Services. Our clients range from individuals wanting to translate their legal documents to businesses and corporations (large and small) requiring the translation of their websites, training manuals and marketing materials et cetera, to and from Arabic.

We are a vibrant team consisting of native Arabic speakers from a range of professional backgrounds. We have hundreds of native Arabic speaking Translators and Interpreters on our books from Legal, Medical and Technical backgrounds who are experienced in Translation, Interpreting, Voice-Over Services and Localisation.

We are a Rapidly Growing Company

With offices in both Cardiff and London and more recently Dubai, we are fast becoming a recognised name within the translation industry, and rightly so! We pride ourselves on our fantastic 5 star reviews on both Google and social media, proving that our formula for providing excellent customer service, accurate translations along with our fast turnaround times ensures that our customers return for repeat business.

When an Arabic translator or Interpreter makes an application to work for us, in order for them to meet our high standards of entry to employment, they each need to complete one of our English and Arabic language competency test. If the quality of the translation they provide meets our standards, they will then sign a confidentiality agreement to ensure that our strict quality and data protection policies are adhered to.

Our Arabic Translators are all Native Speakers

This ensures that the translations we provide to our clients will have been translated by native professional, Arabic speakers. Using native Arabic speakers, from various regions, who are experienced in translating within their area of expertise, means that the translator in question will then be able to take into account various differences in language expression, dialect and tone when translating your documents.

We Offer a Free Proofreading Service

Each of our translation services will also include our free proofreading service, at no extra cost to you. This helps to give you peace of mind, by weeding out any possible errors before the final version is sent to you. To ensure that the document remains accurately translated even after it has been proofread, our proofreaders will use something called Track Changes. While working with this function, all corrections suggested by the proofreader will be shown in the margins and can then be easily modified by the translator.

One of the many reasons we are able to offer our clients exceptional value for money and quick turnaround times, is due to our investment in the latest translation software. We’ve also acquired a fantastic team of people over the years, many of which are not only native Arabic speakers but also experienced in project management. When a team and management work well together, like ours do, and the company are willing to invest in the latest technology, things run much more smoothly. This has proven to be invaluable to the growth and reputation of Lingo Service, enabling us to provide a better, faster, more professional service for our clients.

Other Arabic Services we Offer

Alongside our Arabic Translation services, we also provide Arabic Interpreting, Localisation and Voice-Over services throughout the UK. Our services are suitable for those wanting to translate or interpret to or from Arabic. Many of our clients have used our Arabic Localisation services to translate entire business websites and marketing materials into Arabic, which has opened up a whole new client base for them and helped their businesses to grow extensively.

You may require an Arabic translation for a legal matter, or you may have a finance or marketing website for example, that you’re trying to drive business to, targeting clients outside the UK or EU. If you wish to expand your reach by translating your website and brochures into Arabic we will be able to provide a professional bespoke package to meet your needs. We have the capacity to translate your materials on a large scale, from a small business to a much larger corporate company.

Due to us being a specialist Arabic translation department, you may be mistaken in thinking that because Arabic is the language we focus on, that we only translate from English into Arabic or from Arabic into English. However, you’ll be pleased to hear that this is not the case. We are able to translate into any language from Arabic or into Arabic from any language; not just English. Any Arabic language combination is possible.

We Also Offer Arabic Audio & Video Translation

Our team also consists of Arabic Audio and Video specialists, who are able to translate a whole range of media files from documentaries and interviews to presentations to name but a few. We also guarantee that each Audio and Video translation will be of the highest quality,