Arabic Localisation Services

When you want your business to reach new heights and you’re looking to branch out into global markets, an Arabic localisation service may be just what you need. Our team of native Arabic speakers is highly skilled in Arabic Localisation, enabling you to not only adjust your products and services to reach a wider audience but to connect with customers directly from around the globe.

We have worked with a range of clients from those looking to translate their websites and apps to those looking to launch an entirely new business globally. Our track record for producing quality, accurate localisation services is excellent. So whether you’re a start-up small business or a multinational company, looking to translate any material from websites and marketing materials to video or audio content, we have professional localisation packages to suit your needs.

We don’t use translation software, all our localisation services are carried out by native Arabic translators, who adhere to our quality standards and who are familiar with the regional dialect and cultural differences of the target language in question. They are also experts in the process of localisation and will use the most up-to-date editing software to ensure that the translation is seamlessly transferred from one medium to another, tailored to your specific requirements.

Arabic Website Localisation

One of our more popular services is Arabic Website localisation. As businesses are increasingly going online and companies are striving towards global reach, it is becoming ever more necessary that we utilise the power of multilingual web translation. We at Lingo Service are able to provide localisation services not just to or from Arabic, but in all or any language combinations.

When translating your website, our localisation experts will take into account your target audience; the culture, tone, and dialect of the region you’re targeting. If it’s a multilingual website translation you’re looking for, then we will assign a team of native translators for each language and localisation professionals to work collectively and simultaneously to ensure your website reads smoothly in each language.

Arabic Web Developers

Our team of localisation professionals will make sure that not only the content of the website has been translated but also that the terms and conditions adhere to the legal requirements of the countries in question.

They will also translate any necessary dates, measurements, currencies, and forms, working alongside professional web developers and UX experts. Space and alignment will also be taken into consideration as will appropriately applied layouts, the direction of text and fonts, to ensure that the text looks visually pleasing in languages that use scripts such as Russian, Arabic, and Chinese.

Culturally sensitive pictures will be used and displayed in a way that enhances the overall look and feel of the site, whether the script runs from left to right or right to left, each image will be suitably chosen and placed.

There are also SEO variables to be taken into consideration, such as titles, tags and meta descriptions and even canonical tags, which all have a crucial role to play in website optimisation. The domain name you choose should also be available in formats such as if you’re targeting a UK audience or de. for Germany for example. Our highly experienced team will be able to manage these often overlooked features of a website and come up with variants to your business URL if your desired domain isn’t always available, to help boost visibility and give your web presence in any country a more professional feel.

We often assume that one language will be suitable per country but that is rarely if ever the case. With the many bilingual communities that have settled the world over, it is not uncommon to find that a country may have two, three or even four official languages. This would be a perfect opportunity to localise your website into multiple languages per country you are trying to target and maximise your potential customer base.

Arabic App Localisation

As well as Website and Software localisation, we also provide Arabic App localisation. It’s commonplace for Apps to be developed in numerous languages and we are able to translate into over 200 languages, to or from Arabic.

With the App market being as competitive as it is, an App that has been seamlessly translated is paramount in determining its success. Our native Arabic translators are equipped to ensure that this is always the case. It’s important to note also that recent studies have shown that localised apps can increase performance by up to 120%. That’s definitely something worth keeping in mind.

So why not give us a call today, for a free Arabic localisation quote?