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Lingo Service

Lingo Service was founded in 2014 to meet the needs of a growing translation and administrative publishing sector worldwide and in the UK in particular, seeking to break the language barrier between cultures. Since then, Lingo Service has become a leading translation company with unparalleled success and credibility, as well as becoming a member of the ITI organisation along with accreditation and ISO certification for global quality in translation.

We believe that Arabic is a unique language and being one of the most widely spoken in the world, it became necessary to have a facility to address the growing demand for Arabic document translation around the world. We have created this specialist site as part of Lingo Service, which offers the full range of services Lingo Service does, but in the Arabic language: Certified translation, voice-over, content writing to name just a few and with the same commitment and professionalism.

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Our Vision

Our Vision Lingo Service aims to bridge the language barrier between cultures through its multiple services with a dedicated team who strive to provide a fast, professional service using the latest translation technology.

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We Are
Native Arabic Speakers

All our translators are native to their target language and experts within their fields of specialism.

Whether you are looking for a legal, medical, or Arabic technical translation, we work with only qualified, native translators ready to provide you with the service that suits your needs.

We believe that in this new digital age of super-fast communication, language should no longer be a barrier!

Mohamed Abdelhamid

CEO & Founder